10 Minutes Hairstyles, Four Strand Tieback

10 minutes hairstyles, four strand tieback, with the easy few steps, you will learn how to do this hairstyle in no time!

After you have learn this hairstyle you will start to do alot more harder styles very easily and very fast. Ones you have learn this style make sure to check Diagonal Four Strand to creat even more beautiful hairstyles.

For, four strand tieback hairstyle you will need bobby pins, hair elastics, brush or comb and hairspray.

To do this hairstyle you also need 5 to 10 minutes.10 Minutes Hairstyles Four Strand Tieback1

How to do Style Four Strand Tieback Hairstyle

Step By Step Instructions

How to Style Four StrandStep 1: First, in middle the back to crown split the hair. You can use sea salt spray and volumizing hair spray for texture if you want.

How to Style Four StrandStep 2: Take the hair on 1 side of part, starting at the ear and then up to the crown draw a line diagonally. Split into 4 equal section.

How to Style Four StrandStep 3: Do a 4 strand braid. Take part on left, pass under and then over. Take right part, pass over and then under. Continue to the ends.

How to Style Four StrandStep 4: Pull the braids wide and then flat.

How to Style Four StrandStep 5: When putting in hair elastic at the ends on last pull through, don’t just pull through completely but leave a small loop.

How to Style Four StrandStep 6: Take one part and then crossover to other ear and then about an inch behind the ear pin to hair.

How to Style Four StrandStep 7: Take other braid and then cross over, hide the end of first braid and then pin into beginning of braid on other part. In and back towards center of head push bobby pins. Pin wherever you feel is needed.

Step 8: And as final step spray the hair for finish look.

How to do Four Strand Tieback Hairstyle

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