2 Braided Ponytail For Work

In this project we will show two beautifull ponytail hair styles that you can do just in couple of minutes.

Braid Wrapped Side Ponytail

Step By Step Instructions
Step 1 / Over the left shoulder sweep all the hair and then split out a part of hair just right behind the right ear.

Step 2 / Into a regular ole braid braid this part but do not add any elastic yet.

Step 3 / Now just take rest of the hair and then over the top wrap the braid.

Step 4 / Next until you reach the tail end, under hair wrap the braid back and continue wrapping.

Step 5 / Then grab entire hair together and then over the entire thing wrap a clear elastic band.

Step 6 / Into 2 parts separate the tail and then pull outwards and slide the elastic upwards and then tightening the ponytail.

Step 7 / Now, to make it fuller gently loosen the edges of the braid.

Step 8 / Then with hairspray smooth down the any loose pieces and then reduce any flyaway.

Double Woven Headband Braid
Step By Step Instructions
Step 1 / On the right side part the hair and split out a part hair at the front just from the part down to the left ear.

Step 2 / To work with later tie off this front part.

Double Woven Headband BraidStep 3 / Then right behind the section take a piece of hair near the part and then split it into 3 parts for the first braid.

Double Woven Headband BraidStep 4 / Now, by wrapping the back hair strand under the middle start a dutch braid.

Double Woven Headband BraidStep 5 / Then wrap the front hair strand just under the middle hair strand.

Double Woven Headband BraidStep 6 / Next, under the middle again wrap the back strand and then bring in hair.

Double Woven Headband BraidStep 7 / Now take the front strand, wich normally go under the middle next and then pull it to the other side of the head and then clip it out of the way.

Double Woven Headband BraidStep 8 / Next directly behind that strand take a part of hair and then wrap it under the middle hair strand in its place.

Double Woven Headband BraidStep 9 / Until you reach the top of the ear repeat steps 6-8.

Double Woven Headband BraidStep 10 / Into a regular braid braid the hair and then with an elastic band tie it off.

Step 11 / Then release the clip that holding the hair strands and separate out as the waterfall part.

Step 12 / And at the top of the had take a piece of hair that just near the crown and then split it into 2 parts.

Step 13 / Now take the first waterfall strand and include that so you can have three strands for the next braid.

Step 14 / Now into a dutch braid braid the hair downwards, from the waterfall part pull in the strands on the back side.

Double Woven Headband BraidStep 15 / Finish in a regular braid once you reach the ear and then tie off the hair with an elastic band.

Step 16 / Now into a ponytail pull all the hair up.

Step 17 / From the first braid gently loosen the top strands.

Step 18 / Now from the front braid carefully loosen the side strands so that way woven aspect can be seen more clearly.

Step 19 / Now with your curling iron, curl the ends of the ponytail.

Step 20 / As a final step with hairspray finish the style by smoothing down any flyaways.

2 Braided Ponytail For Work

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