2 Ponytails That You Can Use Every Day

2 Ponytails tutorial for your daily need of style. First one dutch fishtail pony and the other one braid wrapped bubble ponytail.

2 Ponytails That You Can Use Every Day

Dutch Fishtail Pony Step By Step Instructions

Dutch Fishtail PonyStep 1 / Near the part pick up a small section and then split it into 2 halves for the braid.

Dutch Fishtail PonyStep 2 / Now start a dutch fishtail french braid. From the back section cross a small piece underneath and then add it into the front part.

Dutch Fishtail PonyStep 3 / With the front section repeat step 2 and cross a small part under and then add it into the front half.

Dutch Fishtail PonyStep 4 / Now underneath continue crossing sections and then add them into the opposite side. But this ime begin incorporating parts of hair into the hair strands and cross them under as well.

Dutch Fishtail PonyStep 5 / Soon as entire hair is brought in then finish in a regular fishtail braid.

Step 6 / Next to loosen it and make it larger, gently pull on the sides of the braid.

Dutch Fishtail PonyStep 7 / Now sweep entire hair up into a ponytail and then with an elastic band tie it off.

Dutch Fishtail PonyStep 8 / From the ponytail around the hair band wrap a piece of hair and then secure the hair with a hair pin.

Braid Wrapped Bubble Ponytail
Step By Step Instructions
Step 1 / With a part that just on the right side, split off a section of hair and then braid it down into a regular 3 strand braid. Then with a clear elastic band tie off the end.
Step 2 / With another part of hair on the left side repeat step 2. When each braid is tied off then gently pull on the edges so that you can create a fuller braid.
Step 3 / Now sweep the rest of the hair into a regular ponytail wich sits at the center of the back of the head. Then with a clear elastic tie it off and then to create some volume gently loosen the hair above the band.
Step 4 / On the left over the top of the hair band wrap the braid and then around the ponytail. Then with a hair pin pin it underneath.
Step 5 / Next over the ponytail wrap the right sided braid and secure the end.
Step 6 / Over the ponytail tie 3 elastic bands just about 2 inches apart.
Step 7 / Now to create a fuller effect softly pull on the edges of each part of the ponytail.
Step 8 / Finish the style by smoothing down any flyaways with hairspray.

2 Ponytails That You Can Use Every Day


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