4 Strand Ribbon Braid French

4 Strand Ribbon braid supplies that you will need; piece of ribbon but be sure that ribbon few inches longer than the hair you are braiding, clear hair elastic and brush.

4 Strand Ribbon Braid French

4 strand ribbon braidStep 1. At the top center of the head gather a part of the hair. And then tie the end of the ribbon around it.

4 strand ribbon braidStep 2. Then gather the another part of the hair, just equal in size and from the left of the hair just in step 1.

4 strand ribbon braidStep 3. Now gather another part of the hair, just equal in size and also from the right of that hair in step one.

Then from left to right, you will have the 4 strands that you are going to braid: hair one, hair two and ribbon and hair four.

Step 4. You need to start at the left.Then take the hair one over hair two just under ribbon and also over hair four and then switch the 2 middle hair strands wich hair four and also ribbon. That way you have completed 1 stitch.

4 strand ribbon braid

Almost Done…

Step 5. Now you need to add hair into the left most piece of the hair that you are holding. Then you need to take it over the hair strand just next to it. Then under the ribbon and also over the last hair strand. From the right side of the head add hair into the last hair strand wich you have just crossed over. Now switch the two middle hair strands once again. So that way you are holding hair, left to right and hair also ribbon and hair.

4 strand ribbon braidStep 6. Then until you can not add in any more hair just repeat step five all the way down.

4 strand ribbon braidStep 7. Left to the right over and under then over and then under and finish out the rest of the braid. And switch two middle hair strands.

4 strand ribbon braidStep 8. As a final step pancake the braid. Just pull on the outside edge of each stitch. That way you can make the braid look even more full. Then secure the braid with an hair elastic. If you do like you can tie a bow just around the bottom part.

4 Strand Ribbon Braid French

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