5 Strand Pullback & Flower Braid For Girls

5 Strand pullback and flower braid most beautiful styles for girls and you can crate the styles just in couple of minutes.

5 Strand Pullback & Flower Braid For Girls

5 Strand Pullback As a first step from the forehead make a side part back to the crown and then just part down the hair from the crown just to the left ear.

5 Strand Pullback Then with that section of the hair make a 5 strand braid.

5 Strand Pullback Until it can reach the middle back of the head just continue the 5 strand braid and then temporarily just secure the end.

5 Strand Pullback Next just part the hair from the crown down and to the right ear and then create one more 5 strand braid that on the right side of the head and then just temporarily secure the end.

5 Strand Pullback Then in the center of the back of the head join the two braids with an hair elastic.

5 Strand Pullback At this point create a regular three strand braid with the hair below the hair elastic.

Only the left side of the braid gently pull the hair on the edges to feather it.

As a next step with a clear hair elastic secure the end of the braid and be sure to let the tail looped up.

5 Strand Pullback Next in a counter clockwise motion wind the braid up to create the flower, rosette style.

Remember this is not wound up like a regular bun but it will be a flat hair flower style. At this point you could certainly finish this style off more like a flower bun just as you will se in this tutorial.

5 Strand PullbackOn the top of the hair elastic secure the flower wich rosette style from the step 5 just in the center back of the head.

As a final step to making sure of perfect finish, you can curl the rest of the hair just down in back.

5 Strand Pullback & Flower Braid For Girls


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