Accent Star Hairstyle Instructions

Accent star hairstyle; items that you will need: clip to temporarily hold hair or a bobby pin, a dozen elastics, curling wand and hairbrush.

Accent Star Hairstyle With Instructions

4th of July Accent Star Hairstyle

Accent star hairstyleFirst Step; First along the middle of the part line pick up a small part of the hair. Now with an hair elastic secure that. This is gone be the top point of your star.

Accent star hairstyleSecond Step; Next to the first, pick up another part of the hair. You want this part to go down and below the first one. And begin to make the outline of your star. At the end secure the hair with an hair elastic.

Accent star hairstyleThird Step; Next you need to go on the other side of the top point. And you can pick up another part of the hair. Remember, it should be in line with the last point that you have made. Then secure the hair with an hair elastic.

Accent star hairstyleFourth Step; You can do rope braids for the sides. But you can do any braid that you want. Or you can just twist the parts of the hair to form the star. At the top part, split the hair into 2 parts. Then for you to create a rope braid, just split one of the original 2 into 2 split pieces. Now twist the pieces to the right side and cross them to the left side to create a nice rope braid. Temporarily secure the braid with an hair elastic. And from the top point make a 2nd rope braid with the rest of the hair.

Accent star hairstyle

Half Way Done…

Fifth Step; Next from the back hair elastic take the hair. And split it in half and then create 2 more rope braids.

Accent star hairstyleSixth Step; You need to take one of the braids that you just created. Then from the top take it over one of the braids. And from the top under the other braid. Then with an hair elastic secure the hair to the front point.

Accent star hairstyleSeventh Step; Now from the front point take all the hair and then create one braid.

Accent star hairstyleEighth Step;From the back point take the braid and then weave it just under the braid next to it. Now from the front point take the braid. And next to it weave it over the braid and then under the next braid. You need to hold those back 2 hair braids together and then secure it out of the way.

Accent star hairstyleNinth Step; Now pick up the front 2 braids. Then just hold them together. And determine where the bottom front of the star should be. When you decide the spot then from that point pick up a small part of the hair. Try not to pick up the hair that is hanging above it. Now you can secure the braids to that part with an hair elastic. Now remove those elastics and then from that point undo the rest of the braids.

Accent star hairstyleTenth Step; Take the back 2 braids and then repeat the steps of determining where the back point you want to be. Now pick up a tiny part of the hair at that point and then secure the braids to it with an hair elastic. Remove the hair elastics and then braids just from that back point.

Side Ponytail

Accent star hairstyleFirst Step; By your face pull out a little hair out. Next in a side ponytail gather entire hair.

Accent star hairstyleSecond Step; Before you let go of your hair elastic, to make it a little more polished just pick up a small part of the hair. And then wrap it around the ponytail. Then tuck it down through the elastic and then release the hair elastic for an hair wrapped ponytail.

Accent Star Hairstyle With a Side Braid

accent-star-hairstyle-13First Step; Split the hair into 2 parts. And then from the outside of one part over take a small bit of hair. And now join it to the inside of the other part. Alternate sides and then repeate this all the way down. At the end secure the style with an hair elastic.

Accent star hairstyleSecond Step; When all hair is braided then gently pull on the edges of the braid. That way you can soften the look.

Accent Star Hairstyle With Instructions

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