Back to School Hairstyles; 3 Easy Hairstyles

Back to school hairstyles always fun to create. And for this styles you going to need; comb, hairbrush, a couple of small elastics also topsy tail, and couple of bobby pins.

Back to School Hairstyles

First Hairstyle

Back to school hairstylesStep 1.  First on top of the head you need to take and then part the hair just from the outside edge of each eyebrow. And also back to the crown of the head. Then secure the rest of the hair.

Back to school hairstylesStep 2. Now you need to begin the Dutch braid this part. You can find Dutch braid tutorial right here. And then at the end you can secure the hair with an hair elastic.

Back to school hairstylesStep 3. At this step take and also pull a part of the hair up. You need to do that on each side and just from the back of the ear up. Also to the crown of the head. And then with another hair elastic secure them together. But remember do it where the top braid is secured.

Step 4. Then with a comb if you want you can smooth the sides.

Back to school hairstylesStep 5. And from the bottom of the ponytail you have created take a small part of the hair. And then wrap it around to hide the elastics. To make it easier you can use a topsy tail to pull it through. If you want you can use your fingers. Or you can use bobby pins at this point. That way you can tuck it into the bottom of the elastic and you can secure that hair in place.

Back to School; Hairstyle 2

Back to school hairstylesStep 1. First take the hair just from the ponytail you have created on top. And then split it into 2 equal parts.

Back to school hairstylesStep 2. You need to Fishtail braid this part. If you do not know the braid just click on Fishtail braid tutorial. And then secure the hair with an hair elastic.

Back to school hairstylesStep 3. You need to go back and then pull the edges of the braid. And gently pancake it to make it look even more full.

Back to School; Hairstyle 3

Back to school hairstylesStep 1. Out of the way secure the fishtail braid.

Back to school hairstylesStep 2. Split the hair that is left just hanging down into 2 parts. And down the center of the head. You do not need a perfect part line. Just as it will end up covered.

Back to school hairstylesStep 3. Now all the way down you need to Dutch braid. And then each side you can secure them with an hair elastic.

Back to school hairstylesStep 4. At his point go back up each braid. And then to pancake it gently pull the edges. And that way you can make the style look more full and more voluminous.

Back to school hairstylesStep 5. Now let the fishtail braid down and just lay it between the 2 Dutch braids. And then at the bottom with one elastic secure the 3 braids together.

Step 6. You need to go underneath the braids. And to the edge of the Dutch braids secure the edge of the fishtail braid with couple of bobby pins. And then against the head by the nape of the neck secure the fishtail braid with a couple of bobby pins. Now you can finish the style with hairspray for extra hold.

Back to School; 3 Easy Hairstyles

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