Banded Bun With Easy Instructions

Banded bun hairstyle will save your time when you need style that fast and easy and very beautiful to create.

Banded Bun With Easy Instructions

Step By Step Instructions

Banded Bun Step 1 – First make a ponytail.

Banded Bun Step 2 – Then split the ponytail into four even parts.

This is depending on how much hair and then the length of hair that you are working with then you can do more or less of these but we recommend that you start at least with four parts.

Banded Bun Step 3 – Now start on the first part of the hair and wrap a colored hair elastic that rather close to the base of the ponytail.

Banded Bun Step 4 – Then gently just tug a little on the hair that just above the colored hair elastic to puff it out a little bit more.

Banded Bun Step 5 – Then just add another hair elastic about 1 1/2 inches below the hair elastic that you added in step three.

Now add the same color hair elastic or you can do whatever pattern of colors that you want. Then you can add ones for your favorite sports team or school colors. This will what makes the style that your own style.

Banded Bun Step 6 – Then just gently tug on the hair that between the two hair elastics to puff the hair out a little bit more.

Banded Bun Step 7- Then keep on continue adding the hair elastics about 1 1/2 inches apart and then continue to puff the hair out just between them so that way it makes a bubble ponytail.

Banded Bun Step 8 – Soon as you can no longer add any hair elastics then move on to the next spart of the hair in the ponytail and then repeat the above process to the last three parts of the hair.

Banded Bun Step 9 – Now begin wrapping the each banded part into a bun and then secure the hair with couple of bobby pins.

At this point the style isn’t that exact. That’s way you need to try the wrap them so that way you can not see the base of the main ponytail and that way you can see a lot of the hair elastics that peeking through.

Banded Bun With Easy Instructions

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