Beachy Wave With Easy 5 Steps

Beachy Wave; This hairstyle medium to long hair lengths. This style also takes 10 to 15 minutes to create.

Beachy Wave With Easy 5 Steps

Step By Step Instructions

Beachy WaveFirst Step; Take the hair in parts and use a curling iron to curl your hair. First set your hair with curls and brush them out. Curl your hair in a similar direction. Then brush it out.

Beachy WaveSecond Step; Then work your way upwards from the bottom of the head. And take the hair and then from underneath your ears part out the back and across from ear to ear. And now with the hair that you are working on, tie the hair out of the way. That way you can have a clean part.

Before you use a curling iron, remember to completely dry your hair.
Beachy WaveThird Step; Now take the parts, a half wide and create the beachy look. But remember you want your waves to come back off your face. Then put your curling iron in towards to your root. Spin your curling iron and loosely feed your hair through it. That way you can have a curl wich will go all the way through the ends of your hair. When you have the ends of your hair in then you can hold it for a 2nd. And while you let the hair out you also need to unravel it.

And once again curl the hair in towards your root and then spin it around. That way you can have a nice and smooth curl.
Beachy WaveFourth Step; Then work middle of your head and keep working up just to the middle. Then you can work on the other side of your head. And once again, take thin parts and then pin the hair.

Keep On Styling….

Beachy WaveFifth Step; At this point take a clean part but be sure that it’s  not too thick. Now close the curling iron in then direct it to curl just away from your head. Then just spin your curling iron and just lift and now press and lift it up and then it will sets the all hair loose. You have be careful not hold the curling iron too close.

Beachy Wave

Sixth Step; You can use bigger or even smaller iron if you want. That way you can have different size of wave. But you can keep the curls small. Then let your hair out and unravel it. Place your irons in at the root of your hair and then just twist the curling irons.

Beachy WaveSeventh Step; You can feed your hair in to the curling iron. That way you can have the smooth look that you want. So now start at the top wich this is where the hair healthiest and then you can just work your way down.
Beachy WaveFinal Step; As a final step, you need to work on the other side of your head. When you have done one side then they will be in the same direction. All should be sitting down and then you can just let them sit loosely. Remember you do not want curls to be very tight. Then you can pin them or you can place them any way.

Beachy Wave With Easy 5 Steps

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