Beautiful Faux Fishtail Braid

Beautiful faux fishtail braid will only take 5 minutes to create. And this hairstyle not hard to create!

Beautiful Faux Fishtail Braid

Step 1 / As a first step pick up a section of hair on the right side and on the heavy side of the part and then with a clear elastic band wrap it.

Step 2 / By making a gap above the hair elastic create a topsy tail and then flip the tail up and then through the gap and then pull it down tight.

Beautiful Faux Fishtail BraidStep 3 / At this point softly loosen the hair of the topsy tail. That way you will be able to hide the hair elastic.

Step 4 / Now pick up a new part of hair just below the first topsy tail and then with another hair elastic tie this off.

Beautiful Faux Fishtail BraidStep 5 / Then by flipping the hair through a gap create a 2nd topsy tail and then pull it tight once more.

Beautiful Faux Fishtail BraidStep 6 / From the right side of the head bring the hair around and then with the rest of the hair create 2 more topsy tails.

Beautiful Faux Fishtail BraidStep 7 / Then from the ponytail take a part of the hair and then wrap it around the last hair elastic.

Beautiful Faux Fishtail BraidStep 8 / Next over the tail wrap a new hair elastic and then just pull it tight. Hair that was wrapped just around the band will be hide the both of these hair elastics.

Step 9 / As a last step and final beautiful look finish the style by spraying the hair with hairspray.

Beautiful Faux Fishtail Braid

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