Boho Lace Tieback At Home

To be able to create boho lace tieback you will need 4 to 5 minutes of free time also 1 alligator clip, 1 to 2 small hair elastics, rat tail comb, brush, spray bottle, hairspray and accessory.

Boho Lace Tieback At Home

Step By Step Instructions
Step 1: If you want you can begin with a base of soft curls or waves.

Step 2: Begin the style by parting the hair down the middle of the head.

Boho Lace Tieback At HomeStep 3: Now from the forehead move your hands up the part line just about 3 inches and then pick up a tiny strand of hair.

Step 4: Then split this part into 3 tiny even strands and then begin a simple braid stitch.

Boho Lace Tieback At HomeStep 5: After the first simple stitch then start to add hair only into the hair strand that on side closest to the part line. That way you will create a Lace Braid.

Boho Lace Tieback At HomeStep 6: Then until you reach your forehead continue to braid along the part and towards your face and then turn the braid so that way it follows to your hairline down and just towards your ear.

Step 7: When you have turn the braid then from the front you will be adding hair into the braid, your forehead side.

Step 8: Until you are about 2 or 3 inches above your ear continue braiding.

Boho Lace Tieback At HomeStep 9: Now stop adding in hair and then continue braiding the rest of the hair strand by using a simple braid.

Boho Lace Tieback At HomeStep 10: With an hair elastic secure the braid and then clip this braid back out of the way, you can use alligator clip fort hat.

Boho Lace Tieback At HomeStep 11: On the other side of the head repeat the steps number 2-8.

Step 12: Soon as you are finished with the 2nd braid then wrap both braids of hair just around to the back middle of the head and then with an elastic secure together .

Step 13: As a last step add some hairspray or some beautiful hair accessory.

Boho Lace Tieback At Home Video

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