Bouncy Curls Step By Step

Bouncy curls? Today you will learn how to create big and bouncy curls. This method very quick and awesome. You can use this style eben on 1 or 2 days old hair.

Bouncy Curls Step By Step

Bouncy curlsFirst Step; As a first step you need to take a part just on the top. It should be from one recession point to the next one. Then you can clip that part out of the way. This is the point where you are going to get all of the volume you want.

Second Step; Then you can move on to the other parts. What you going to do with parts, just lift them up just top to the part line. At this point you just create around part. Remember all that hair should be lifted to the point. And now you need to take a brush and then brush them up.

Third Step; Then you need to take your curling iron and you really need to focus in on the roots. This is the point that where you are going to get your lift. Then you need to keep in mind that while you are using your curling iron,  you need to always heat up your roots first. Now you can work your way just down to the tips.

Bouncy curlsFourth Step; At this point what you going to do is, make sure that your curl is warm and it’s wrapped entire way through to your ends. Now you can slide it off. Then you can open up your curling iron. But sometimes until you get it out you may have to bounce it up a bit. And now you can slide it right out.

First Half Way…

Bouncy curlsFitfth Step; Now have slid it out. Then you need to take this, and you need to just to it in there and just all the way up. Now you need to continue this all the way around. Or you can just leave that out. And then you can just curl the hair normal.

Sixth Step; At this point you most finished the top half. Then you can spin around, that way you can see. You can over directed all the parts up. All top part line and then slid it out of the way. Now you can pin it in place. Now all you going to do is let this cool.

Seventh Step; You can do this 2 parts on the side. Do 2 parts here, two of them in the back and then youc an do one on the side. If you want with a curling iron you can gave 2 simple curls and at the end you can put a little movement.

Next Step; Now you can move along to the part that you have left out. You can start in the front side. And then you can basically do the same thing. For this very first part though, you may want to get swoop over your forehead. So you can actually direct it a little lower than rest.

Bouncy curls

Ninth Step; And once again to start, you need to wrap the hair just around and then you need to make sure that it’s really heat up the root just before you begin. So now with lift at the roots you are trying to have fake volume. That’s way really important that you ca not forget the lift your hair at the roots. Then until you are at the very tips of your hair you just need to continue curling down.

Continue To Style…

Tenth Step; At this point, to clip it into place you need to use a larger duck clip. Then through this whole top part, you need to continue doing that.

Eleventh Step; Then into a bigger space you need to add more hair. So that way you can do this very fast at home. Now you should have 7 curls wich have been pinned. At this point you need to let all of them cool just all the way to the end.

Twelfth Step; Soon as you have let your curls cool all the way to the end completely then you will always have a more longer lasting style. And that way it’s going to be a little bit bouncier then others.

Bouncy curlsSoon as you have done that then you need to tousle through, and just break it through with your hand. But at this point you have much more lift at the root. Wich you did not have had before. And now you can take much of the texture out. Because you all ready let it cool completely. And that is the key of the style. Remember, because you let it cool you will get a more longer lasting curl.

Final Step; Finally you can take a nourishing serum and gently apply tou your hair for better finish look.

Big Bouncy Curls Step By Step

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