Braided and Bun Upstyle For Work

For braided and bun upstyle you only going to need 2 hair elastics and couple of bobby pins and ofcourse your favorite brush.

Braided and Bun Upstyle For Work

Bun Upstyle Instructions
Step 1: As a first step at the front of your hair for the braid split out a part. Then from the top of the head just take a large part and then to the left temple.

Step 2: Then at the nape of your neck create a low bun. Into a low ponytail take the rest of the hair. If you want to hold your ponytail before twisting your hair around into a neat bun you can use a hair elastic. Then with bobby pins just pin the bun in place.

Step 3: Now back to the part just at the front to start the braid. Then just split it into 3 equal parts and then create a basic braid. Over the middle cross the right and then the left over the right. Then just keep on continue crossing parts over until you have reach the end.

Step 4: Then stretch out your braid bicely. Just gently pull at the sides of each parts to widen your braid just before securing the end of the braid. If you want, to secure the end of your braid you can use a small hair elastic.

Step 5: Now around your bun place the braid. Around your bun curve the braid and then pin the braid in place. Then tuck in any loose layers.

Braided Upstyle Instructions

Braided Upstyle InstructionsStep 1: Behind your right ear separate a section of hair and then leave it out.

Braided Upstyle InstructionsStep 2: Take a section of hair start behind your left ear and split it into 3. Then to form a Dutch braid along your lower hairline braid the parts just under each other. But to the lower sections of the braid only add in hair along your neckline.

Braided Upstyle InstructionsStep 3: Continue to form a regular braid when you have braided across your neck. Then with a small clear elastic secure the end.

Braided Upstyle InstructionsStep 4: Then just fold your braid back in half and then tuck it in on top. Then with bobby pins, pin in place.

Braided Upstyle InstructionsStep 5: Now form a regular braid with the loose part on the right and with a small clear hair elastic secure the end.

Braided Upstyle InstructionsStep 6: As a final step pin this 2nd braid over the Dutch braid and tuck the ends in.

Braided and Bun Upstyle For Work Video

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