Braided and Knotted Updo Step By Step

Braided and knoted updo you will need firm hold hairspray, 2 hair sectioning clips, 3 clear elastic bands, paddle brush and 30 to 40 bobby pins.

Braided and Knotted Updo Step By Step

Step By Step Instructions

BraidedStep 1 / As a first step, to smooth out any tangles you need to brush through the hair and then on the right side you need to create a part.

Step 2 / Then from the part down to the left ear split off a part of hair and then just clip off the back part.

Step 3 / And now split the front part and left out into 2 vertical halves and then clip off the back part.

BraidedStep 4 / Now create a waterfall braid with the forward part and along the hairline.

Step 5 / Then let down the back half part that previously you have clipped away and then just braid it into a fishtail french braid by in every other section incorporate waterfall strand from the previous braid.

Step 6 / Then with the back part just split off a small part at the crown.

Step 7 / Now, to create volume at the crown, gently roll the hair together towards the right side.

BraidedStep 8 / Then to secure the hair pin the part in place.

Step 9 / Now split off a small part of the hair just above the right ear and clip it out of the way and then the left ear and clip that part as well.

Step 10 / Then split off a 2″ part of the hair that at the back of the hair and underneath the pin the part.

Step 11 / As a next step twist the part into a knot.

Step 10 / Now, to secure it in place just slide the bobby pins around the edges of the knot.

Step 12 / Then until all the hair from the back part is pinned keep on continue creating knots.

BraidedStep 13 / Next, on the left side of the head take the part and then twist it all together.

Step 14 / Then at the back lay it over the knotted part and then pin down the edges to secure the hair.

Step 15 / As a next step on the right side let down the part. Then create a braid and then loosely pull the edges apart.

Step 16 / Now wrap the hair over the top of the bun and then just secure it in place.

Step 19 / Almost done, from the left side take the braid and then wrap it over the top of the bun and then just pin down the end.

BraidedStep 20 / As a final step with a firm hold hairspray set the style.

Braided and Knotted Updo Step By Step

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