Braided Arrowhead Bun Hairstyle

2 hair elastics, comb, brush, hairspray, 2 bobby pins and 10 minutes of extra time that you need to create braided arrowhead bun hairstyle.

Braided Arrowhead Bun Hairstyle

Braided Arrowhead Bun HairstyleStep 1: First part the hair on the center part and then on larger side just down to the ear. Next, pull the rest of the hair into middle height ponytail.

Braided Arrowhead Bun HairstyleStep 2: Now with front section start 3 hair strand braid wich is regular braid and angling back just towards the ponytail.

Braided Arrowhead Bun HairstyleStep 3: Start adding in hair from ponytail soon as you reach the ponytail and to one side of braid and then create a lace braid. Next keep on continue down to end of the ponytail and make a ladder braid with the lace braid.

Braided Arrowhead Bun HairstyleStep 4: Soon as you finish with the braiding then just add a hair elastic to the end.

Step 5: Next, pull the front braided part at a sharper angle and then form the top half of arrow and then just add a bobby pin or two in the place if you need.

Braided Arrowhead Bun HairstyleStep 6: At this step just direct the ladder braid to the left side and drap the braid. That way it will form the bottom half of arrow and the you can fold the rest of the braid and next pony in half and then you can drape it back just towards ponytail.

Braided Arrowhead Bun HairstyleStep 7: Now grab couple of bobby pins and then tuck in end of braid and form a bun of sorts with the braided ponytail.

Braided Arrowhead Bun HairstyleStep 8: Next pin the hair in place to secure the hair. Also you can spray the hair with the hairspray for much better look.

Remember you can always add some extra hair accessory for finish look.

Braided Arrowhead Bun Hairstyle Video

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