Braided Bun Prom Or Wedding Diy Hairstyle

Who dosen’t wana have awesome hairstyle while going to prom or wedding ? Well then let’s take care the prom or wedding braided bun by our selves.

If you like hairstyle as braided bun then check the braided bun, prom and wedding categories as well as special days beacuse we will have many more beautiful braided bun hairstyles for you.


Step By Step Simple Instructions

Braided Bun for Prom WeddingPin the braid going on top of the braid then around.

Braided Bun for Prom Wedding 2With a 1″ curling-iron curl your hair. Even though you could have naturally curly hair, you will have to curl your hair for this awesome braided bun.

Braided Bun for Prom Wedding 3Make a part phase and clip the sides perimeters and then same clip the top of thecrown.

Braided Bun for Prom Wedding 4Make a ponytail with the bottom part of the back.

Braided Bun for Prom WeddingSplit the ponytail in half and then clip the one side.

Braided Bun for Prom WeddingSide that is not clipped up, wrap it around your 2 or 3 fingers, 2 or 3 times to create a nice curl, and then to form a half bun pin the both openings of the curl at the base of the ponytail.

Braided Bun for Prom WeddingRepeat on the other part as well.

Braided Bun for Prom WeddingTo start curling the hair undo the top of the crown first and then split it in half. But while the curls are still warm make sure to pin it up.

Braided Bun for Prom WeddingTo create more volume pull out the edges of the curls part by part. Then carefully around the bun before pinning it drape the volumized strands.

Braided Bun for Prom WeddingUndo the light side and then from your face twist it away and top of the bun just pin it on.

Braided Bun for Prom WeddingFor heavy side you can add couple of clips of hair extensions to make braid thicker.

Braided Bun Prom Or Wedding (Voluminous Updo) Video

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