Braided Christmas Tree Hairstyle Just In Minutes

Braided Christmas Tree? Not christmas yes we know but never too late or early to learn other beautiful hairstyle for christmas.

Braided Christmas Tree Hairstyle Just In Minutes

Braided Christmas TreeFirst from ear to ear part the hair.

Braided Christmas TreeCombine all that hair into a half ponytail near the crown and then secure the hair with a clear hair elastic.

Braided Christmas TreeThen in back down the center of the back of the head part the rest of the hair and then with a clip temporarily secure each side out of the way. Step  – Now split the half pony into two even parts.

Braided Christmas TreeThen divide it into two more even parts with the section on the right side.

Braided Christmas TreeNext, with each of these 2 sections of hair create a regular three strand braid and then temporarily secure the ends.

Braided Christmas TreeThen gently pull on the edges of the right side of the braid with the braid on the far right.

This will be the edge of the Christmas tree that you want it to be angled. That’s way much on the edges at the top do not pull but just more toward the middle and then on the bottom so that way it will be wider at the base.

If you want you can pancake the braid wich is closest to the center part.

Braided Christmas TreeThen just move braids out of the way. Then smooth rest of the hair down on the right side  to create a low ponytail.

Braided Christmas TreeNow add the two braids to this hair. And then near the center part with a clear hair elastic secure the hair in a low ponytail.

Braided Christmas TreeOn the left side of the head repeat steps 4-9.

Braided Christmas TreeIf you want at the nearest part you can pancake the braids. That way braids will be wide enough to cover the center part. And just overlap a little bit.

Braided Christmas TreeNext just adjust outside braids as you want so that way base of thetree will be wider than the top.

Braided Christmas TreeAs a final step decorate your tree the way you want.

Braided Christmas Tree Hairstyle Just In Minutes

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