Braided Flower Headband

Braided flower headband style; for this style you going to need 5 to 10 minutes, hairspray, 3 to 4 bobby pins, your favorite comb to part with, brush and 1 hair elastic.

Braided Flower Headband

Step By Step Instructions

Braided flower headband1. As a first step in front from ear to ear you need to part off a headband part hair. Then to get the hair out of the way clip off hair in the back.

Braided flower headband2. Now brush headband hair to one side and then begin by one ear and now begin a Dutch braid.

Braided flower headband3. Soon as you reach the opposite side then by pulling each loop of the braid pull the braid wide out from the center. That way you will make the braid wider and also look thicker.

Braided flower headband4. At this point you can braid the hair down to the ends. After you have incorporated entire hair from the headband part.

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5. Then pull the braid wide but only on one side. Choose the side that wich will be on the outside of the spiral of the flower. So if you do wrap to the left side, you would pull the hair wide on the right side.

Braided flower headband6. Once you have finished the pulling and also putting in an hair elastic then just begin spiraling the end of the braid. You can wrap the unbraided end just aroundyour finger. That way you will create the spiral, and then you can continue spiraling in. And holding the center of the flower tightly. This will take some practice to get it to look even and also right. Remember spiral away from your face.

Braided flower headband7. Soon as you have spiraled the braid up to the head, then lay it where you want. Then you can bobby pin it in place. You can try to weave the pins through. Youc an do that as many loops of the braid as you want. Then you can pin on 3 or 4 sides to be secure.

Braided flower headbandAs a final step you can hairspray just after adjusting the petals, and then the style is ready!

Braided Flower Headband

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