Braided Half Up Hairstyle For Prom Time

Braided half up prom hairstyles would also make a wonderful holiday hairstyle.

Braided half up prom hairstyles pretty much looks great for any occasion and a definite head turner!

For, braided half up prom hairstyles you will need spray bottle, 6 or 8 small boby pins, 3 small hair elestics, brush, teasing brush, rat tail comb and hair spray. You will also need 10 to 15 minutes.

If you have handle this hairstyle then try Side Fishtail Braid hairstyle.

Braided Half Up Prom Hairstyles

Step By Step Instructions
Step 1: Start by prepping the hair for an updo.

Braided Half Up Prom HairstylesStep 2: From the forehead to the crown take a front part of hair and carefully back comb it all the hair with a teasing comb.

Braided Half Up Prom HairstylesStep 3: After teasing is done, flip the hair back over then and using an edge of the comb smooth the hair and then softly smooth the top surface of the hair only.

Half Up Prom HairstylesStep 4: Leave about two inches of hair above each ear down and gather the rest of the teased hair to create a poof on top front and then shape it the way you like.

Half Up Prom HairstylesStep 5: After you create the look you like, set it by crossing bobby pins in the back.

Half Up Prom HairstylesStep 6: On one side of the head and Dutch braid them take the 2 inches of hair.

Half Up Prom HairstylesStep 7: Before securing the braid with an hair elastic only go a 4 or 5 stitches past the back center of the head.

Half Up Prom HairstylesStep 8: At this step to make the hair look more full and also cover to any unwanted part lines go back and pancake the braid.

Step 9: At this step on the other side of the head just repeat the steps number 6/8

Half Up Prom HairstylesStep 10: And then over the poof bobby pins take 1 braid and then secure in place.

Half Up Prom HairstylesStep 11: Cross the other braid over and then bobby pin you just placed. Make sure to tuck the hair elastics under other braid to hide them.

Step 12: And as final step use some strong hair spray to set the style.

Braided Half Up Prom Hairstyles

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