Braids & Buns Tutorial

Braids, let’s start with the French braid; Split a part of the hair into 3 equal hair strands. By crossing the outer hair strands over the middle hair strand begin the style.

While you incorporating new hair strands into the braid you can add them to the outer hair strand and then just cross over the middle strand.

Braids & Buns Tutorial

Dutch Braid

Dutch braid is same as the french braid. Except this time you cross the outer hair strands under the middle hair strands instead of over.

French Fishtail Braid

With a part splited into 2 equal hair strands.

Take a small piece of the left hair strand and then just cross it over to the right hair strand. Then a small piece of the right hair strand and then cross it over to the left hair strand.

When incorporating the new hair strands, first you need to take the small part of the one hair strand. And then cross it over to the other side. Now pick up a new part on the same side. And now cross it over to the opposite side.


Now take a part of the hair and twist and then wrap it around and then just pin in place.

Braids & Buns

BraidsStep 1 Start the style with parting of a horse shoe part on the top of the head. And then secure the rest of the hair out of the way. This will be the first of 5 parts that you will be braiding. Then from the top down let the hair and then take a small horizontal part near the forehead. And split it into 2 hair strands. Then begin braiding a fishtail french braid. When you braided the whole part then at the top of the crown tie it off in a ponytail.

BraidsStep 2 From the top of the ear to the back of the head make a diagonal part that just beneath the crown. Now from the ear to the temple pick up a vertical part. Now split into 3 pieces. Braid the entire part, all the way and to the back in a dutch braid. Now on the other side do the same thing. When you have done both braids then tie them together in a ponytail.

Braids braids-4Step 3 Split the rest of the hair into 2 equal bottom parts. Then from the back of the ear braid them into 2 french braids, towards the middle and then tie them together in a ponytail in the back of the head.

BraidsStep 4 Depending on the hair structure, if you want you can curl the hair in the ponytails. You can use a curling iron to make it easier.

BraidsStep 5 Now you can twist the ponytails and then you can wrap the hair loosely just around the base. Then with couple of bobby pins or hair pins you can pin it in place.

Braids & Buns Tutorial

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