Brigitte Bardot Ponytail; How to Make a Brigitte Bardot Ponytail

Brigitte Bardot ponytail, in this tutorial you will learn how to create Brigitte Bardot inspired ponytail.

Brigitte Bardot Ponytail; How to Make a Brigitte Bardot Ponytail

Brigitte Bardot ponytailFirst Step; First part off the front. And take the part in the front and it’s a little triangle part. And if you do have very long bangs then you can create this look easily. Now take that and then clip it out of the way. Now you going to start your teasing. Just take a rattail comb and then brush the hair back away just from that very spot. Now take tiny little slivers and just brush them and also add your tease in. Now, hold the hair forward and brushing it.

Brigitte Bardot ponytailSecond Step; Now keep moving back and then tease the whole crown part. Then around the back add a couple of little teasing pieces. You need to start with a lot of teasing. Because at this point you need to have big teasing. You can start with the base of dry shampoo to your hair. On the side part puff the section wich closest away and add a little
bit of teasing.

Half Way

Brigitte Bardot ponytailThird Step; Now move on to the other side and then do the same thing on that side. Now you have your teasing set into place. Then take a little teasing comb and  smooth the hair. Now smooth down the top half of the tease. Soon as you have your teasing set into place then from each side take 2 little pieces and also just right above the ear.

Brigitte Bardot ponytailFourth Step; You have to make sue that the style is even. Now take take those 2 pieces just from each side. Ana then take a couple of bobby pins and give it a twist and then pin them into place. You can criss cross bobby pins in just underneath your shape.

Brigitte Bardot ponytailFifth Step; Now you need to curl the hair. You can flattened up the root. Then curled that part and then do the very same thing to the other part. If you do have sweeping bangs then you can use flat iron to smooth them.

Brigitte Bardot ponytailSixth Step; Now take the back part and then toss some curls into it. Now if you do not have hair extensions and if you wanted to create the look, then you can add after you have put your curls in. You can add teasing to your ponytail to make the look even more fuller.

Seventh Step; As a final step throw in a little bit of a wave but do it throughout everything.

Brigitte Bardot Ponytail; How to Make a Brigitte Bardot Ponytail

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