Candy Cane Hairstyle For Girls

To create candy cane hairstyle for girls you need to have red and white ribbon, a cute bow, comb, hairbrush, topsy tail or a craft needle, a couple of clips and couple of hair elastics.

This hairstyle will take 7 to 10 minutes.

Candy Cane Hairstyle For Girls

Candy Cane Hairstyle For GirlsStep 1. Start to the left off her head create a deep part off. Then take the comb and then over at the back of that part line part straight just about an inch and a half or so. Now take your comb and then curve it up and then around but soon as you reach the peak then to form the other side of the candy cane bring it back down at an angle.

Now from the inside of that curve secure the hair temporarily out of the way.

Then take the comb and then make 1 more part a deep right part back and from under that part line down clip the hair out of the way.

Candy Cane Hairstyle For GirlsStep 2. Now on the top of the hair take the hair at the beginning of the candy can start a Dutch lace braid.

Dutch braid means that hair goes just under in a French braid and than the lace is you are only going to add in hair on 1 side.

So on the side that is closest to her face you need to add hair in. Then until you have braided in all the hair braid this way along the curved part just from that top part then keep on continue braiding it out a couple of more stitches but without adding any more hair in. Then just secure the hair with an hair elastic.

Candy Cane Hairstyle For GirlsStep 3. Now take the craft needle or take your topsy tail and then thread a piece of red ribbon and then a piece of white ribbon just through the end.

Now carefully pull through the point where the candy cane braid starts and then seperate the end of the ribbon off the needle and then with the other end tie the ribbon in a knot. So that way you can be sure that it is securely attached to the braid.

Candy Cane Hairstyle For GirlsStep 4. Now just onto your craft needle thread the other end of the ribbon then thread it through the braid. The 2 pieces of ribbon on top of one another will be like together.

Candy Cane Hairstyle For GirlsStep 5. Now let the hair down that was clipped out of the way before. Then pull the hair into a ponytail or if you want you can do a half up ponytail. This is depending on the length of hair.

Candy Cane Hairstyle For GirlsStep 6. As a final step trim the ribbon at the beginning and then end of the hairstyle if you want to. İf you wan you can finish with hairspray or with some cute holiday bow.

Candy Cane Hairstyle For Girls Video

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