Cascading Waterfall Side Braid

Cascading waterfall side braid will only take couple of minutes to create.

Cascading Waterfall Side Braid

Cascading Waterfall Side BraidStep 1 / Pick up a part of hair with a part on the right side and on the heavy side of the section and then split it into 3 parts.

Cascading Waterfall Side BraidStep 2 / Now over the middle cross the back strand and then over the middle cross the front strand.

Step 3 / Then over the middle cross the back strand and then just bring in a part of hair and incorporating it into the hair strand.

Step 4 / Next with the front strand repeat the step three.

Step 5 / With the back strand repeat step three once more.

Step 6 / Next, into 2 equal halves separate the front hair strand and over the middle strand cros one half.

Step 7 / Now drop down the other half and then just pick up a new section of hair and incorporate it into the crossed over part.

Cascading Waterfall Side BraidStep 8 / Until there are four waterfall strands that hanging down just repeat steps 5 through the 7.

Cascading Waterfall Side BraidStep 9 / Now, keep on continue thevery same steps and split the strand and then cross over half and just pick up a new part of hair. Then bring in the first waterfall hair strand and then just incorporate it into the braid.

Cascading Waterfall Side BraidStep 10 / Until it reaches to about the shoulder keep on continue braiding.

Cascading Waterfall Side BraidStep 11 / Stop splitting the front strand and until entire hair is brought into the braid keep on continue bringing a waterfall strand each time.

Cascading Waterfall Side BraidStep 12 / Now into a regular braid braid the rest of the hair down and then with an elastic band tie off the end.

Cascading Waterfall Side BraidStep 13 / Now to show the details better just softly loosen the sides of the braid and then create more voluminous braid.

Cascading Waterfall Side Braid

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