Combo Side Braid Easy Steps

Combo side braid items; hairspray, 1 ponytail holder, rat-tail comb, a few temporary hair clips, brush and spray bottle.

Beautiful Combo Side Braid Easy Steps

Step By Step Instructions

Combo side braidFirst Step; Start the style by sweeping entire hair over to the side that you want.

Combo side braidSecond Step; Then at your part line pick up a small part of the hair and then split it into three parts.

Combo side braidThird Step; Now you can create a dutch braid. Just on the outsides pick up. And then add new pieces of hair and then cross just under the middle hair strand.

Combo side braidFourth Step; And now braid down close to the face line.

Fifth Step; Then soon as you reach the bottom ear, and then from the other side of you head start bringing pieces all the way over.

Combo side braidSixth Step; Soon as you have finished adding in all of the hair, then into two pieces split the dutch braid. And then begin a fishtail braid.

Combo side braidSeventh Step; Fishtail braid; from the outside of one section take a small piece. And then just cross over adding to the 2nd part.

Combo side braidEighth Step; Now kep on continue fishtail all the way down. And then at the end just secure it with an hair elastic.

Combo side braidNinth Step; At this point you need to go back. And pull apart the braid.  Then start with dutch braid and then just focus on the edges. Then tug and then pull it until you have a nice and full braid.

Combo side braidTenth Step; At this step to loosen pull on the back. And now at the crown give fullness.

Combo side braidEleventh Step; Now until you have a nice full braid you can pull and then loosen the fishtail part.

Combo side braidTwelfth Step; And as a final step you can spray with your favorite hairspray.

Beautiful Combo Side Braid Easy Steps

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