Cotton Candy Bun Tutorial

Cotton candy bun tutorial is what exectly you need for morning rush hour. You will be able to create that nice and smooth look just in few minutes. And ıf you use some fine hairspray at the end of the style then you will have no problem with the style whole day long.

For this hairstyle you going to need bobby pins, hair elastic, smoothing brush, teasing comb and hairspray.

Cotton Candy Bun Tutorial

Cotton Candy Bun TutorialStep 1. First flip your head over and then on top of your head create a high ponytail.

Cotton Candy Bun TutorialStep 2. While you create your ponytail use a smoothing brush to ensure it is bump free. Then with an hair elastic secure your high pony.

Cotton Candy Bun TutorialStep 3. And then spray the hair in the pony with hair spray.

Cotton Candy Bun TutorialStep 4. Around your ponytail wrap a small piece of hair to hide the hair elastic. With a bobby pin secure the hair.

Cotton Candy Bun TutorialStep 5. From your ponytail take small parts of hair and then heavily back comb the hair with your teasing comb.

Cotton Candy Bun TutorialStep 6. If you want you can spray your smoothing brush with a bit of hair spray to softly smooth the top layer of your back combing out.

Cotton Candy Bun TutorialStep 7. Take your teased up ponytail and then wrap it around itself and create a tall textured bun.

Cotton Candy Bun TutorialStep 8. Then to secure your bun use couple of bobby pins and pin along the outer perimeter.

Step 9. As a final step spray your hair with some fine hairspray for beautiful finish look.

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Cotton Candy Bun Tutorial

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