How to Create Cat Ears Using Your Own Hair

Do you want to create cat ears but just want to use your own hair? Then just fallow those easy steps.

How to Create Cat Ears Using Your Own Hair

Cat Ears

From the middle of the forehead part the hair back to the crown.

Then from the temple to the crown make another part that running parallel to that part back so you will have a long rectangular section parted out.

Cat EarsCreate a high ponytail with a ponytail holder.

Cat EarsAt this point on the last wrap of the ponytail holder do not pull the hair just all the way through the ponytail holder so it can be forms a loop.

Cat EarsThen with water or with hairspray mist the hair to get hair to form more easier.

Cat EarsIn counter clockwise direction wrap the hair around the base of the ponytail.

If you want you can twist the hair a bit and then you can begin wrapping the hair or just simply you can wrap the hair so that way it is more flat as you wrap the hair.

Cat EarsThen just to almost cover the tip of the loop continue wrapping the hair up.

Cat EarsNow until you almost run out of hair gradually work your way up and then just back down the ear.

Cat EarsAround the very bottom of the ear wrap the ends of the hair so that way you can tuck them in and also you can hide them.

Cat EarsThen just under the ear secure the hidden ends with couple of small bobby pins.

If you want you can use big bobby pins but they will most likely to stick out the sides of the beautiful cat ear so that’s way little ones will work the best.

Cat EarsNow with the hair spray spray the style extremely well to ensure things stay in place.

If you want you can have more pointed look to the cat ear, for that simply you need to pull on a little bit of the loop that just sticks out of the top of the wrapped hair.

Cat EarsThen on the opposite side of the head just repeat all the above steps.

How to Create Cat Ears Using Your Own Hair

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