How to Create a Easy And Fan Bun

If you want to know How to Create a Easy And Fan Bun hairstyle you will need 1 ponytail holder, hairspray or spray wax, brush, spray bottle, rat-tail comb and 6-8 bobby pins. You also gone need 3-5 minutes.

If you do not have long hair and you wana create fun bun, just check our fun bun for short hair article.

How to Create a Easy And Fan Bun

Step By Step Instructions
If you want you can tease the hair in the front a little for some more added volume.

Create a Fan BunFirst secured hair into a ponytail close to the crown of the head.

Create a Fan BunFrom the head slide the elastic hair band up a few inches away.

Create a Fan BunCreating a hole between the elastic hair band and the head, stick your index finger two fingers and thumb through.

Create a Fan BunAfter that with those fingers, grab the hair from the ponytal.

Create a Fan BunWhile holding 3 inches above the elastic hair band with your free hand, pull the bottom part of the ponytail through the hole.

Create a Fan BunNow cinch the elastic hair band down tightly against the head, and then you will now notice that you have the beginnings of the fan shape allready.

Create a Fan BunDivide in half the ends you just pulled through and then twist wrap the hairs and around the top of the elastic hair band and bobby pin into place.

Create a Fan BunPull the edges of the fan down against the head and then use 1 or 2 small bobby pins to secure the bottom edges of the fan.

You may also need to pin the inside edges of the fan down in the rear. For extra hold and to tame any flyaways add hair wax or hairspray.

Create a Fan Bun Video

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