Crown Fishtail Braid Style Step By Step Instructions

Crown fishtail braid style will not take 5 to 15 minutes and you also need to have 2 hair elastics, couple of bobby pins, brush and comb.

Crown Fishtail Braid Style

Crown Fishtail Braid StyleStep 1: As a first step start to style with center or you can start with the side or just angled part in front and to the back and to ears. Then part the hair down and just back in the middle.

Crown Fishtail Braid StyleStep 2: Soon as you com bor brush the hair then just start side braid and around ear height. This is depending on length of hair. Then complete braid to ends and then pull the braid if you want to have a messier or more bohemian look.

Crown Fishtail Braid StyleStep 3: On both sides when you have finish the braids then wrap one side up and then over to other ear and just behind. Then just wrap tail of braid under and then fasten the hair with bobby pin. Then bring other side up and then over and criss crossing the braids and then under other side braid tuck end and then fasten the hair with bobby pins.

Crown Fishtail Braid StyleStep 4: Now until in place keep on continue to secure the hair with bobby pins. Then to frame face pull the short hair or bangs out in front. And as a final step just spray the style for awesome look.

Crown Fishtail Braid Style

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