Easy Crown Braid With Step By Step Instructions

For easy crown braid you will need small hair elastics, rat-tail comb, brush, hairspray couple of bobby pins and spray bottle.

You will also need to have 5 to 10 minutes.

Easy Crown Braid With Step By Step Instructions

Step By Step Instructions

Crown BraidStep 1; As a first step you need to split the hair into 2 sections and create a part just from the front and all the way down to the back side.

Crown BraidStep 2; Then clip one part out of the way.

Crown BraidStep 3; Then take a small part just from the top front of the side that you are working on. And split it into three equal parts and then start a dutch braid.

Crown BraidStep 4; Next, you will take the outer hair strands and then cross under the middle part. Soon as the first stitch done then you will add new pieces of hair to the outer parts while you go. Remember, always crossing under the middle part.

Crown BraidStep 5; Soon as you run out of new hair to add in then continue braiding a regular three strand braid just all the way down and then just secure the hair with a small hair elastic.

Crown BraidStep 6; Now you need to pancake the outer edges of the braid to create a nice full and also voluminous braid.

Crown BraidStep 7; Then on the other side of your hair repeat steps 3-6.

Crown BraidStep 8; Now you need to take braid number 1 and then clip it up out of the way for now.

Crown BraidStep 9; Then just pick up braid  number 2 and then at the nape of the neck wrap it backward and then secure the hair with a bobby pin just at the base of braid  number 1.

Crown BraidStep 10; Roll braid  number 2 up and then turn it back the opposite direction and then secure the corner with a bobby pin.

Step 11; Then you need to twist and roll and tuck the elastic and then end of braid  number 1 just under the edge of itself and then secure the hair with a bobby pin.

Crown BraidStep 12; Now take clip out of braid number 1. At this point it should lay nicely above and then just across braid  number 2.  Then secure in place with couple of bobby pins.

Step 13; If you do have longer hair you can always wrap braid  number 1 just all the way around the front and then lay on top securing with couple of bobby pins.

Step 14; If you do have shorter hair then you will do the same twist and roll and then tuck it under with your end piece. And secure the hair with a bobby pin.

Crown Braid

Step 15; As a final touch you need to pancake any additional pieces and then spray the hair with hairspray.

Easy Crown Braid With Step By Step Instructions

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