Easy Double Rosette Hairstyle

Easy double rosette hairstyle will be a lot easy if you have learned the step by step rosette ponytail hairstyle. If you have not learned yet just click on the Rosette Ponytail it will only take couple minutes for you to learn.

Easy Double Rosette Hairstyle

Easy Double Rosette HairstyleStep 1: Curl Your Hair: If you start the style with the wavy or curly texture that would be much better.

Easy Double Rosette HairstyleStep 2: Creating The Ponytail; Then from the left side of your head take a part of the hair and then pull it back. If you want you can grab some more hair along the way. And then secure the hair with a clear elastic but to the left of the center of your head.

Easy Double Rosette HairstyleStep 3: Repeating The Step: On the other side of your head repeat the same exact thing as well. If you wish to have a bigger rosette then just grab some more hair. If you want to have something more delicate then just grab a smaller amount of hairs.

Easy Double Rosette HairstyleStep 4: Creating Your Beautiful Rosette: Simply twist the hair in your ponytail to create a rosette and then start wrapping the hair around the base. Do this with a gently hand and then do not worry about getting a perfect coil. Then secure the hair with 2 or 3 bobby pins.

Step 5: Repeating The Steps Again: At this step on the other side create a rosette bun. Soon as you are finished then you can add some curls to your hair.

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Easy Double Rosette Hairstyle Video

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