Exciting Half-Up Hairstyle Just In 60 seconds

This beautiful half up hairstyle will only take your 60 seconds.

Exciting Half-Up Hairstyle Just In 60 seconds

half up hairstyleStep 1. First take the front part of the hair and then pull it back just as if you were putting your hair into a half ponytail. But this time instead of tying it off just with a claw clip, clip the hair in place.

half up hairstyleStep 2. Then grab a small one to two inch part of the hair from above the ear and then start rolling it back.

half up hairstyleStep 3. Now just twist the piece all the way to the end and on your head pull it across the back. Soon as you reach the bottom of the part with a bobby pin secure it. Now you can just readjust the pin if you needed just after the 2nd twist.

half up hairstyleStep 4. At this point on the other side you need to repeat steps two and then three. But you need to be sure to insert couple of bobby pins directly into the twist. That way it will hides the length of the pin and then will keeps the style more secure.

half up hairstyleStep 5. As a final step just remove the clip and then you will be complete the style.

Exciting Half-Up Hairstyle Just In 60 seconds

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