Fishtail Christmas Tree Braid Hairstyle

For fishtail christmas tree braid you need to have hairbrush, 1/8” to 1/4” thick green ribbon and couple of hair elastics.

Fishtail Christmas Tree Braid Hairstyle

Step 1. As a first step take a hair elastic and then tie 8 pieces of ribbon around it so there will be an equal amount of ribbon on the each side. But be sure that each piece about 2 to 2 1/2 feet long. If you do not have enough ribbon to do 8 pieces then you could do with just 6.

Fishtail Christmas Tree BraidStep 2. Then pull the hair half up, with ribbon tied and use the hair elastic on to secure it but be sure that the ribbon hangs down underneath the hair.

Fishtail Christmas Tree BraidStep 3. Now just temporarily secure the rest of the hair that is hanging down out of the way.

Fishtail Christmas Tree BraidStep 4. From the top ponytail take the hair and then split that into 2 parts along with the ribbon that is hanging underneath. But remember in each section you should have an equal amount of ribbon.

Fishtail Christmas Tree BraidStep 5. Now from the right section take one piece of ribbon and cross it over the left part and from the outer edge of the left part pick up a tiny part of hair and next bring that ribbon and piece of hair down under the left part and then with the middle edge of the right part combine it.

Fishtail Christmas Tree BraidStep 6. On the other side repeat step 5.

Fishtail Christmas Tree BraidStep 7. Next you will be creating an inverse fishtail braid. Alternate sides and from the outer edge along with a piece of ribbon take a small part of hair and then bring it just under that side and then with the center of the other side combine it. Until you get down to a couple of inches above the nape of the neck repeat this process.

Fishtail Christmas Tree BraidStep 8. Hold the braid in one hand securely and with the other hand gently go back along the edge of your braid and then pull the ribbon to form your christmas tree shape. Make sure that you do pull it out more at the bottom and then leave the top ribbon more tight.

Fishtail Christmas Tree BraidStep 9. With an hair elastic secure the braid. Now until you are happy with the christmas tree shape that you have just formed just go back and then pull on the ribbon even more.

Fishtail Christmas Tree BraidStep 10. And now let down the hair that you had secured out of the way before. (Step 3)

Fishtail Christmas Tree BraidStep 11. At this point if you want you can just leave the hair as a half up hairstyle either with straight hair or curly hair.

Fishtail Christmas Tree Braid Hairstyle

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