Hair Tutorial: Hollywood Waves

Do you love glamorous Hollywood waves style look? Then you do know this look just as good at the holiday parties just like as they do on the red carpet. And do you know what is the best part? The hairstyles are surprisingly easy to and fast to recreate.

For this hairstyle all you need is some fine hairspray, couple of bobby pins and a little curling wand know how.

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Hair Tutorial: Hollywood Waves

Hair Tutorial Hollywood WavesStep 1: Split the top part of hair and then pin up.

Hair Tutorial Hollywood WavesStep 2: Then take the first part of the hair and then mist with a heat protectant.

Hair Tutorial Hollywood WavesStep 3: Now, hold a 1 inch curing iron or hair wand vertically then wrap a large part of hair from the heavy side of the part away from the face to create the first curl. Repeat this around the head and create entire curls in the same direction.

Step 4: In order to keep the wave in place as it cools mist the hair with a flexible hold hair spray.

Step 5: Split the top part of the hair to the side and then repeat the same steps.

Hair Tutorial Hollywood WavesStep 6: Now to gently brush out your waves use a flat brush and start from the root from the end and to create the wave pattern. If you want more volume you can use a teasing brush to backcomb parts of hair close to the roots.

Hair Tutorial Hollywood WavesStep 7: Then to create softness and shine smooth your hair with an oil or with some fine serum.

Hair Tutorial Hollywood WavesStep 8: Finish the style by pinning back 1 side of part with a few bobby pins.

Hair Tutorial: Hollywood Waves Video

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