Half Combo Braid With Step By Step Instructions

Half combo braid will not take your time to create. You only need couple of minutes to create this beautiful hairstyle.

Half Combo Braid With Step By Step Instructions

Half Up Combo BraidFrom ear to ear divide out hair but do not make a harsh and exact section.

Half Up Combo BraidThen smooth the hair back just as if you going to make a half pony.

Half Up Combo BraidNext split this hair into a left and then right part and now begin a fishbone braid.

At this point you need to be sure to hold onto things tightly so that way by the ears things don’t loosen up too much.

Do this about 20 stitches.

Next from the far right edge of the right side of the fishbone braid cross a big section of hair and then cross it into the middle side.

Half Up Combo Braid At this point to create a regular 3 strand braid you will have three parts of hair.

Do this about 6-8 stitches of a regular three strand hair braid.

Take a big section from the edge of the left side of your braid on the last stitch of the regular three strand braid and then pass it to the right side.

Just add the middle strand of the regular three strand braid. So that way it can be join back into the left side of the braid. Then you will be back to having the two parts to braid with.

Half Up Combo BraidNow start making a fishbone braid once again that crossing small parts back. Then forth creating the X pattern of a fisbhone.

Half Up Combo Braid Braid the hair approx for another 20 stitches of a fishbone braid. And then with an hair elastic secure the end of the braid.

It’s depending on the length of the hair that you are working with you can just repeat the pattern as many times as you wish.

Half Up Combo BraidThen adjust the braid as you needed and then pancaking it if you want.

Half Up Combo BraidYou can also curl the ends of the hair for better finish look.

Half Up Combo Braid With Step By Step Instructions

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