Half Up Crown Braid

Half up crown braid will only take your couple of minutes to create.

Half Up Crown Braid

Half up crown braidAs a first step pin back the front part of the hair.

To smooth it out you need to brush though your washed hair and also get rid of anyhair  tangles. Now pin the top part of hair just out of the way.

Half up crown braidNow you need to create light waves.

You need to add waves to half of the bottom part of the hair. You can do that by wrapping small pieces of the hair just around a 1 inch curling iron. And you can hold it for 1 to 2 seconds. Then just release and also gently tug each curl for even more wavy look. Now spray the waves with texture tease to add lift and also more fullness. At this point just repeat on the other side of the head. Spray texture tease all over the hair.

Half up crown braidTime to braid the right side.

You need to clip back the left side of the hair. And on the right side begin the braid. Split a small part of the hair into three pieces. Now begin Dutch braid by adding more hair just at the front and also back parts while you go. Soon as you get to the ear just stop adding hair. And you can finish the braid to the end. With a hair band secure the braid and then gently tug on the braid to loosen the hair. Now with a bobby pin secure the braid just at the back of the head.

Half up crown braidComplete the style with your hairspray.

To secure the braid you need to spray hairsrapy all over and also to the waves. That way you will have breathable hold.  That way the hair will not look crunchy.

If you do have tiny spots where you see the scalp then fill them in by just applying the eye shadow that will matches the hair.

Half up crown braidNow braid the left side.

Complete The Style

At this point you need to repeat steps four and also five on the left side of the head. Then just pull the braid apart to have more fullness.

You need to complete the style with some strong hairspray.

Finally, at the back of the head secure the braids and then spray the style with your hairspray.

Half Up Crown Braid

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