Half-Up 3D Heart Hairstyle With Step By Step Instructiıns

Half-up 3d heart hairstyle will be suitable for every occasion.

Half-Up 3D Heart Hairstyle With Step By Step Instructiıns

Half-Up 3D Heart Step 1 –  First create a half pony and then secure the hair with an hair elastic.

Half-Up 3D Heart Step 2 – Then lift up the ponytail and insert the topsy tail so that way it will pointed end comes out on top of the head and above the hair elastic and then loop will be under the pony.

Half-Up 3D Heart Step 3 –Flip the ponytail with the topsy tail so that way hair cascades over the hair elastic.

Half-Up 3D Heart Step 4 – Then split the ponytail into two parts so there will be a top and then bottom part.  The top part needs to be more smaller than the bottom part.

Half-Up 3D Heart Step 5 – Then split the top part in half so there will be left and then right part and then drape them forward over the ears or you can just temporarily clip them so that way they stay out of the way.

Half-Up 3D Heart Step 6 – Then just flip the bottom part of the pony up onto the top of the head so that way it will be out of the way just for now.

Step 7 – Now bring the left and then right parts of hair from step five back down so that way you will sort of straddle the hair from step six.

This is similar style to the beginning steps of Christmas Tree Pull Through Braid. If you want you can mist these parts with hairspray to keep the hair smooth and free them from fly aways.

Half-Up 3D Heart Step 8 – Now from ear to ear make a part  just near the middle of the ear that way you will be make another pony and then add in the parts of hair from step seven.

Half-Up 3D Heart Step 9 – Then combine all that hair and then secure the hair with a clear hair elastic.

Step 10-  Next gently pull on the right part of hair that way you will start rounding the hair into the shape of the just right side of the heart.

Step 11 – With the left part of the hair do the same to start shaping the heart.

These will be tyour outline or edges of the 3D heart.

Half-Up 3D Heart Step 12 –From step six bring the part of the hair down off the top of the head.

If you want at this point you can center of the heart to be a bit fluffier or even more 3D look and you can just back comb this part of hair a bit and then you can smooth it out on top.

Half-Up 3D Heart Step 13 – Then insert the pointed end of the topsy tail just behind the hair that you just flipped down and then above the hair elastic from step nine.

Half-Up 3D Heart Step 14 – Next, through the topsy tail thread the hair and then gently pull down rest of the hear is pulled behind the hair elastic.

Step 15 – Adjust the heart shape as necessary

Step 16 – If you want in the center out a bit you can fan the hair so that way it covers the rest of the center of the heart and then it will blends into the outline of the heart.

Step 17 – If you want you can curl the rest of the hair down in back and you can add an accessory to cover the hair elastic.

Half-Up 3D Heart Hairstyle With Step By Step Instructiıns

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