Half Up Waterfall Heart For Valentine’s Day

Half up waterfall heart; To create half up waterfall heart hairstyle you will need 2 clear elastic band, 1 1/4″ curling iron, paddle brush, firm hold hairspray, 1 hair sectioning clip and 4 to 6 bobby pins.

Half Up Waterfall Heart For Valentine’s Day

Step By Step Instructions

half up waterfall heartStep 1 / First part the hair wherever you want or just do it tha way we did on the left side.

Step 2 / Now at the back of the crown you need to create a center part so that way you know where the braids most meet.

Step 3 / Then on the right side pick up a small part that near the part and then just split it into 3 pieces.

Step 4 / Now create 1 stitch of a regular braid then cros the side hair strands over the middle one.

half up waterfall heartStep 5 / Now braid 1 more stitch by incorporating hair into the braid.

Step 6 / Then drop down the hair strand that on the right side and pick up a small part right behind it and then cross it over the middle and bring it into the braid.

Step 7 / Now cross the hair strand that on the left over the middle and then bring in a part of the hair.

Step 8 / At this point until it reaches the back of the head repeat steps 6 and 7 and continue the waterfall braid.

half up waterfall heartStep 9 /Then with a clear elastic band tie off the braid.

Step 10 / Then on the left side of the head create a 2nd waterfall braid and next to the first braid tie it with an elastic band.

Step 11 / On the right side take the tail of the braid and twist it towards the right and then towards the top of the head wrap it up.

Step 12 / To create the top part of the heart curve the twist back down again.

Step 13 / Now into the middle of the twist slide a bobby pin to hold it in place and while concealing it just underneath the hair.

half up waterfall heartStep 14 /Then keep on continue twisting the piece and bringing it down and then towards the middle of the head and to form the side and then bottom part of the right side of the heart.

Step 15 / Then with another bobby pin secure the bottom.

half up waterfall heartStep 16 / As a final step with the tail on the left side repeat steps 11 to 15 and form the other half of the heart.

Half Up Waterfall Heart For Valentine’s Day

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