Half Updo Tutorial Step By Step

To create this easy and cool hairstyle you will need a fine toothed comb, heat protectant, a 1inch curling iron and about 6 bobby pins also some fine hairspray to hold to style.

Half Updo Tutorial Step By Step

Half UpdoStep 1. Begin the style by combing out any of the tangles. Then with a heat protectant spray your hair.

Half UpdoStep 2. Next, clip the top half of the hair out of the way and then by wrapping 1-inch parts around the outside of the barrel just curl the bottom half. At this point you need to make sure that you curl the parts away from your face.

Half UpdoStep 3. Then just let down the top half and then curl in the same manner.

Half UpdoStep 4. At the front of your face part off a piece of hair from the top of the head to the ears. Then repeat on the other side and then clip these parts out of the way.

Half UpdoStep 5. Next just gather a part behind these pieces. That way this will be your bump.

Half UpdoStep 6. Then with a fine toothed comb smooth this part back. But make sure it is neat. Next give the part a little twist and then bump it up. Then just secure the hair by criss crossing with couple of bobby pins.

Half UpdoStep 7. Almost there! Now just release the front parts that you have previously clipped out of the way. Then arrange them around the face just how you like to do and then secure the hair at the back of the head with couple of bobby pins.

Step 8. As a final step spray the style with your favorite hairspray and complete the style for the day.

Half Updo Tutorial Step By Step

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