How to do Pretty Ponytail

How to do pretty ponytail? I know that it’s very easy to do ponytail but it’s not that easy to do pretty ponytail. There is so many ponytail style out there, but there is not so many articles or tutorials with the step by step instructions.

In this tutorial you will earn how to do pretty ponytail also you will be able to read the instructions below.

If you like to see nother step by step instructions about the even more pretier ponytail hairstyle maybe you may want to check Romantic Ponytail hairstyle tutorial and step by step instructions.

For prety ponytail you will need hair spray, comb, couple of boby pins, 1 or 2 clear rubber bands.

How to do Pretty Ponytail

Step By Step Instructions
Step 1: As a first step begin with textured hair for very best results.

How to do Pretty PonytailStep 2: Just like you are creating a half up half down style create the first ponytail with the top half of your hair as a 2nd step. Leave a few face framing pieces out and then secure the ponytail with a hair clear tie.

How to do Pretty PonytailStep 3: From directly beneath the ponytail grab a1inch part of hair and then part it off for later.

How to do Pretty PonytailStep 4: With the remaining bottom part of hair create a 2nd ponytail. Bring it up and then around the original ponytail and secure with a hair clear tie.

How to do Pretty PonytailStep 5: Take the 1inch part of the hair that remains and wrap it around the ponytail. And after secure the end of the wrap with a bobby pin. If you can do it beneath the pony to conceal the pin.

Step 6: And finally add more bobby pins as you needed and then spray the entire style with hair spray to secure.

How to do Pretty Ponytail Video

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