Knots and Braids For Girls

Knots and braids very easy technic to create beautiful hairstyles.

Knots and Braids For Girls

Step By Step Instructions

Knots and BraidsStep 1 –On top of the head part out a rectangular part of hair just from each temple back and to the crown.

Knots and BraidsStep 2 – Start at the near the forehead then with a part that goes from left and to the right part out a small amount of hair from step one.

Knots and BraidsStep 3 – As a next step split this small part of the hair in half.

Knots and BraidsStep 4 –Over the left part cross the right section and then pass the piece of hair that now on the right side and around to the front and then pull it back through the hole you have created.

Knots and BraidsStep 5 –On the right take the tail and then pass it around the front once again and then through the hole so that way it returns to the back of the knot.

Knots and BraidsStep 6 –Pass it around the back with the tail on the left and then to the front through the hole back.

Knots and BraidsStep 7 – Then, to cinch it down tight to the scalp pull gently on the tails of the knot.

Knots and BraidsStep 8 –Behind the first knot repeat steps 3-7 and parting out a small amount of hair and then creating another long knot.

Knots and BraidsStep 9 – At this point on the top of the head create as many knots as you want.  We created total 6 long knots.

Knots and BraidsStep 10 –Create a part down to the left ear from the crown and then move rest of the hair down in back and out of the way.

Knots and BraidsStep 11 –Near the face begin a French braid. Next, to the bottom or left part of the French braid add hair from the hair below but this time when you adding hair to the top or right part you only need to use a tail from the knots.

Knots and BraidsStep 12 –Then until you no longer have tails from the knots to incorporate into the braid french braid the back. And then until you run out of hair keep on continue to braid a regular three strand braid and then secure it with an hair elastic.

Knots and BraidsStep 13 –On the right side of the head repeat steps 10-12 and then secure that braid with an hair elastic.

At this point you can be done with the style here if you want but we wanted entire hair to be contained so that’s way we took the style a bit further.

Knots and BraidsStep 14 – Then gather rest of the hair in back and then split it into three parts to create a braid. Then over the middle cross the right section and then from the right side over it lay the braid. Over the middle section cross the left side and then from the left side over it lay the braid.

Knots and BraidsStep 15 –Until you run out of hair continue braiding down. At this point from the sides sitting on top of the straight hair try to keep those braids so that way they peek through your braid.

Knots and Braids For Girls

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