Lace Braid into a 4 Strand Braid With Instructions

Lace braid into a 4 strand braid sound little hard to master it? Nope, all you need to do is fallow those step by step instructions below.

Lace Braid into a 4 Strand Braid With Instructions

Step By Step Instructions

Lace BraidStep 1 – First just make a side part.

Lace BraidStep 2 – Then along the forehead start to create a lace braid.

Step 3 –By only adding hair to the top or just right side of the braid plait a lace braid.

Lace BraidStep 4 –Until you reach the back of the head keep on continue adding hair to lace braid.

Lace BraidStep 5 – Then stop adding hair and then to the end of the hair start to create regular three strand braid.

Lace BraidStep 6 – For now just secure the end of the braid.

Lace BraidStep 7 – Then gather rest of the hair that is down in back at the nape of the neck.

Lace BraidStep 8 – Next, split the hair into three parts.

Lace BraidStep 9 – Then from lace braid place braid in the second position of the straight hair.

Lace BraidStep 10 – Now plait a four strand braid.

At this point you can create a flat four strand braid or you can create a round 3D braid. In this tutorial we have done both but this video only shows the flat braid. If you want to review on how to create a round 3D 4 strand braid then you can just watch the video here.

Step 11 –As a fianl step with an hair elastic secure the end.

Lace Braid into a 4 Strand Braid With Instructions

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