Loose Waves Hair Step By Step Tutorial

Loose waves hairstyle 4 easy steps and you will only need couple of minutes to create.

Loose Waves Hair Step By Step Tutorial

Step By Step Instructions

Loose Waves Step 1; As a first stpe spray the hair with mega full and from midshaft to ends be sure to apply evenly throughout damp hair.

Loose Waves Step 2; Now fingercomb the hair while with a blow dryer you let about 80% of it to dry. Then to smooth out the ends you can use a round brush and you can add extra volume as you finishing the blow drying.

Loose Waves Step 3; Now wrap the parts of the hair around the wand and move away from the face and then hold the hair out for a looser and even more natural curl.

Loose Waves

Step 4; As a final step to tousle your hair you can use your fingers and you can break up the curls.

Finish the style by spritzing your loose and movable waves with your favorite hold hairspray for breathable hold.

Loose Waves Hair Step By Step Tutorial

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