Messy Bun; How to Make a Messy Bun

Messy bun, int his tutorial you will learn how to create this style with step by step instructions.

Messy Bun; How to Make a Messy Bun

Messy bunFirst Step; Messy bun can be placed anywhere on your head. If you göne do this style for more formal occasion then you can do it a little bit lower. First spray front of your hair. You can do this with light flexible hairspray.

Messy bunSecond Step; First smooth the back up. Then with your fingers toss the front in there. Hold the all thing and do a ponytail. Now just go ahead and then tilt back up. Then come back and loosen up your front.

Messy bunThird Step; Take the hair and stick it straight up into 2 splited parts and then go over and then under and just come through a loop and then now just pull it down. Now take and flattening that up. Then messing it up and you will end up with cute ends. Now take it and gather it up just in a handful. Then once again gather it up. Now you can place those wherever you want and lightly in your hands hold it. Then add in couple of bobby pins.

Messy bunFourth Step; Place your bobby pins down and push them into the place.

Almost Done…

Messy bunNow take the sides of hair and then create a little bit more polish way. Spray the hair with your hairspray.

Messy bunAnd now once again, add some more hairspray for more eat and smooth and also little bit messier look. In the front you can make it even more messy look. You can hold that texture in the place and let it cool for a bit. Remember longer you let it cool then more textured it will be.

Messy Bun; How to Make a Messy Bun

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