Mixed Side Braid With Step By Step Instructions

Mixed side braid you will need medium hold hairspray, 1 1/2″ curling iron, rattail comb, moroccan oil texture spray and 4 to 5 clear elastic bands.

Mixed Side Braid With Step By Step Instructions

Mixed side braidStep By Step Instructions

Step 1 / First on the right side of the head you need to create a part. Then you can also switch the style to the opposite side.

Step 2 / Then near the part pick up a 2-3″ part of the hair and then divide it into 2 equal pieces.

Step 3 /Now by crossing a small section from each side over the opposite side you can begin a fishtail french braid.

Step 4 / At this point incorporate hair into the braid and create 3 to 4 stitches of the braid.

Mixed side braidStep 5 / Now you can stop adding in extra hair and then braid the part to the bottom in a fishtail braid.

Step 6 / Then to make it fuller softly pull on the sides of the braid.

Step 7 / At this point you can back comb the end or you can tie it off the hair with an elastic band so that way it doesn’t unravel.

Step 8 / Then behind the fishtail braid pick up a large section of hair and then just divide it into three equal pieces.

Mixed side braidStep 9 / Then by crossing the side strands over the middle create 3 stitches of a french braid and then incorporate the hair into the braid.

Step 10 / And then with a clear elastic band you can tie off the braid.

Step 11 / Now from around the head pick up a small section of hair and then another section just from behind the left ear and then underneath the end of the french braid tie them together.

Mixed side braidStep 12 / Now you can create a topsy tail just by flipping the end up through the space above the elastic band and then pulling it back down once again.

Step 13 / Then to make it wider and more full gently pull on the edges of the topsy tail.

Step 14 / And now just pick up 2 new parts and then create a 2nd topsy tail just underneath the first.

Step 15 / Into the first topsy tuck the fishtail braid and hide the ends just underneath the rest of the hair. Then with the rest of the hair create a fishtail braid and braid them to the bottom.

Step 16 / At this point to make it fuller you can softly loosen the sides of the braid.

Step 17 / Then take a small part of the hair and then wrap it around the end of the braid.

Step 18 / Now over the end of the braid wrap an elastic band and also you need to ensure to include the end of the wrapped piece.

Step 19 / Then to slide the elastic band up underneath the wrapped section pull the tail in opposite directions that way you can hide the elastic band.

Mixed side braidStep 20 / As a final step curl any pieces left down around the face and then you can set the style with hairspray.

Mixed Side Braid With Step By Step Instructions

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