Perfect Ballerina Bun Step By Step Instructions

Perfect ballerina bun; You want to have a bun that in perfect ballerine bun shape? Then fallow the easy instructions below.

You can can use perfect ballerine bun for wedding, everyday, homecoming, prom, back to school, winter, fall, summer or spring.

Perfect Ballerina Bun Step By Step Instructions

You can have this style for daytime or even as a nighttime style. This style very nice and very clean and also very polished.

Perfect ballerina bunFirst Step; As a first step you need to put your hair into a high pony. Then you need to tilt your head to the back and then you can gather all of your hair. Once you tilt your head back then you will be avoiding all of those lumps and also bumps.

Perfect ballerina bunSecond Step; At this point you need take this nice and also high and then tight. Now you can take an hair elastic and then tie it off. You need to put the ponytail very nice and very high. If you want you can put the pony in the back or you can even do it low.

Perfect ballerina bunThird Step; Now you need to take the ponytail and then lightly twist it just all the way down. That way you can be sure that your hair will naturally settle. This is also where you want to make it fuller or even tighter. You can anchor your hair pins and then you just need to twist the ponytail while you go. If you want you can always put in couple of more bobby pins if it feels loose. But just to make sure at each point around the bun you can put couple of bobby pins.

Perfect ballerina bunAnd finally you have perfect ballerina bun that you want.

Perfect Ballerina Bun Step By Step Instructions

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