Pull Through Crown Braid Updo

Pull through crown braid updo; the skill level that you need is easy and to create the style you will only need 10 minutes.

You can create the style with medium and long hair.

Pull Through Crown Braid Updo

Step By Step Instructions

Pull through crown braid updo1. Step First just take entire hair to one side and then near your ear make a ponytail and clip it back.

Pull through crown braid updo2. Step Now you can take another part of the hair and then make it the size as the first one and then make another ponytail.

Pull through crown braid updo3. Step And on the first ponytail undo the clip and then split in half. Into the little opening pull the 2nd ponytail up on the first pony. Then clip it out of the way.

Pull through crown braid updo4.Step Now before making another ponytail begin adding in hair. From the top incorporate some hair and then tie it with a band.

Pull through crown braid updo5. Step On the previous ponytail undo the clip and then split it in half. Now pull the 3rd ponytail through the middle one just like before and clip it away.

Pull through crown braid updo6. Step While you making the braid, to make the braid thicker you will stop every third or fourth ponytail and pull it out the edges.

Pull through crown braid updo7. Step And now you can undo the clip and then you can pull the ponytail in half. Then pull the ponytail in through the opening and now clip it out of the way once again.

Pull through crown braid updo8. Step Until you reach the other side keep on continue same steps over and over.

9. Step To complete the style to tuck the rest of the piece just under your first ponytail and then just pin into place.

If you do have some layers, then you can just bobby pin the any fly away hairs into the place.

Pull Through Crown Braid Updo

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