Pumpkin Bun Hairstyle For Girls

Pumpkin bun hairstyle will give your little girl that serious look that she can have.

Pumpkin Bun Hairstyle For Girls

1 – As a firsts tep just make a loose ponytail and then secure the hair with an hair elastic.

Pumpkin Bun2 – And now just flip the ponytail.

If you do have a topsy tail then against the scalp underneath the ponytail just stick the pointed end through the hair. And then out the top. Next flip the ponytail so that way it is like a cascading ponytail that just over the top of the hair elastic. If you do not have a topsy tail then you can do this just by using your fingers. But remember it’s easier with a bigger amount of hair if you use a topsy tail.

Pumpkin Bun 3 – Then to make it thicker and even more poofy just back comb the ponytail. Also smooth top layer of the hair.

Pumpkin Bun 4 Next gather the ends of the ponytail and then just wrap a small hair elastic around the bottom part.

Pumpkin Bun 5 Draw the ends of the ponytail upward so that way you will tuck them just underneath the thickness of the pony.

Pumpkin Bun 6 –With couple of bobby pins secure the bun as you needed and then to maintain smooth shape spray the hair with hairspray.

Pumpkin Bun 7 Take a ribbon and then bobby pins and make some stripes on the bun.

At this point ypu need to start underneath the bun and take the end of the orange ribbon and then secure it just under the bun with a bobby pin or two. If you do have a thinner ribbon then you can make more stripes or more lines just on top of the bun. With thicker ribbon you can make fewer.  Then on top anchor the ribbon and then beneath the bun with couple of bobby pins or couple of hair pins.

Pumpkin Bun 8 – If you want you can cut off the extra length of ribbon.

Pumpkin Bun 9 – Next, create the stem and then anchor in the center of the pumpkin.

If you want you can use brown pipe cleaner to create the stem. But you can even use some brown ribbon that anchored to a hair pin if you want. If you want you can also use green pipe cleaner. Or you can use ribbon if you want.

Pumpkin Bun Hairstyle For Girls

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