Reverse French Braid Tutorial

Reverse French braid hairstyle can be use for wedding, everyday, homecoming, prom, fall, winter, spring, summer or even back to school.

Reverse French braid hairstyle very easy and for medium to long hair lengths and only takes 10 to 15 minutes to create.

Reverse French Braid Tutorial

Reverse French braidFirst Step; As a first step right at the hairline take a small triangle part. Then take the outside piece of teh hair and then twist the hair toward the inside. And now pick up the pieces while you go along and then you can add them to the outside parts. Now to add into your braid take very nice and even subsections.

Reverse French braidSecond Step; With this traditional French braid you will get more volume and also a lot more look. Now keep your hands nice and also flat to your scalp. That way you will make sure that you have a nice and also flat braid. Now while ypu twisting the hair inside section out, you need to continue and add subsections to your braid.

Reverse French braidThird Step; Now keep on continue down. Twist the middle part out and then middle part out. Continue this all the way down just couple of inches above the end. Then with a clear band or with a black band tie it off. To cover your bands, you can take a small part just from the back and then twist it around your band. Now tie it off and then move the hair up and then down over to your band. At this point you need to make sure that you have completely cover all.

Reverse French braidFinally you just create the reverse French braid hairstyle. If you want you can spray the hair with your favorite hairspray to get even much better complete look.

Reverse French Braid Tutorial

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