Ribbon Braid in a 4 Strand Braid With Easy Instructions

Just fallow the step by step instructions below to create ribbon braid in a 4 strand braid.

Ribbon Braid in a 4 Strand Braid With Easy Instructions

Step By Step Instructions

Ribbon Braid Step 1 – As a first step you need to make a ponytail.

First on the left create a side ponytail so that way it could drape just over the shoulder. And can be seen more than if it were on the back of the head. In this tutorial also on the top right side of the head been made a fun side zig zag part.

Ribbon Braid Step 2 – As a second step braid ribbon together.

You need to cut 3 pieces of ribbon little longer than the ponytail that you are working with. At that point it’s better to have even more ribbon than just not enough. Then you need to take the three strands of ribbon. And then with them just create a regular three strand braid. Then in a knot at the top tie the ribbons together. Then braid them until you just run out of ribbon. And then secure the end with a knot or with a small hair elastic.

Ribbon Braid Step 3 – As a next step to the underside of ponytail add the braided ribbon.

If you want with another hair elastic you can just secure the braided ribbon. But in this tutorial we have pulled a little through the hair elastic that was already securing the pony.

Ribbon Braid Step 4 – Now you need to make a four strand braid.

At this point you need to split the hair into three parts. Then into the ponytail just draw the braided ribbon up to be position number 2 of your four strand braid.  If you do not know how to create 4 strand braids then just watch the 4 strand braid video here.

Ribbon Braid Step 5 – As a next step with an hair elastic secure the end of the braid.

Ribbon Braid Step 6 – If you want you can wrap rest of the ribbon just around the bottom of the braid.

You will also see in this video there is a bit extra even after wrapping it around the bottom of the pony so that’s way you can use some scissors and you can carefully cut the excess ribbon off.

Ribbon Braid in a 4 Strand Braid With Easy Instructions

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