Rope Braid Crown With Easy Instructions

Rope braid crown style you need to have 2 clear elastic bands, paddle brush, firm hold hairspray, rat tail comb, 3 to 5 bobby pins and 32mm nume curling wand.

How to Create Rope Braid Crown

Step By Step Instructions

Rope braid crown Step 1 / As a first step, to remove any tangles you need to brush through the hair.

Step 2 / As a second step use a rat tail comb and create a part that wherever you want.

Step 3 / Then just continue the part down the center of the back of the head and dividing the hair into a left and then right side.

Rope braid crown Step 4 / On the right side tie off the part with a clear elastic band.

Step 5 / And then on the left side pick up the hair left down and then pull out any pieces that you would like left down to frame the face.

Step 6 / Now behind the head cross the section and bringing it over to the right shoulder.

Rope braid crown Step 7 / And next just split the section into 2 smaller parts.

Step 8 / Now by twisting each section upwards you can create a rope braid and you can wrap them downwards around each other.

Step 9 / Soon as the braid reaches the bottom then with a clear elastic band just tie the hair off.

Step 10 / Then on the right side just let down the hair.

Rope braid crown Step 11 / Split off any hair to frame the face and then wrap it over your left shoulder.

Step 12 / Now split the hair into 2 sections and then to create a 2nd rope braid twist them together.

Step 13 / Then with another elastic band tie off the end.

Step 14 / Soon as the both braids done then with a little extra sag they should hang down.

Step 15 / Now you need to pick up the braids and then criss cross them behind the head and then wrap them up the sides just behind the ears. So that way braid that on the right is coming up the left side of the head and also vice versa.

Step 16 / Soon as the braids meet at the top of the head then cross them over each other and lay them against the head couple of inches behind the hairline.

Step 17 / Then with couple of bobby pins secure the braids in place. To ensure that they stay all day you need to slide two in each braid and alternating the direction so that way one pin slides in towards the right and then the other towards the left side.

Step 18 / Now you can check each braid and then secure any other parts that you would prefer to be a little more snug.

Step 19 / As a next step grab a curling wand and then curl the pieces that left out around the face.

Rope braid crown

Step 20 / As a final step with hairspray spray the style to set it.

How to Create Rope Braid Crown

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